Q1 . Which are the best brand for transformers and stabilizers in india?
Ans. The top brands for electrical stabilizers and transformers in india are Siemens India, new gold, logicstat, purevolt, Consul Consolidated, Transformers & Rectifiers and Indus Power Corps.

Q2 . What is the use of electrical stabilizers?
Ans.- It is used to get Corrects Voltage Fluctuation and smooth power supply thus it Reduces chances of breakdown or damage any machinery.

Q3 . What are the applications of voltage stabilizers?
Ans. - Electrical voltage stabilizers are used in CNC machinery, Textile machines, Lifts & elevators, refrigeration industry, Medical equipments, Communication equipments, Industrial plant and factory, commercial and residential buildings.

Q4 . How servo voltage is made?
Ans. - It is made using high grade stabilizers raw materials like -copper wire, lamination.

Q5 . How many types of electrical voltage stabilizers are available in Indian stabilizers market?
Ans. - There are two types of servo voltage stabilizers in the market
UNBALANCED Type voltage stabilizers and BALANCE TYPE servo voltage stabilizers.

Q6 . How does Servo Voltage Stabilizer, Power controllers works?
Ans. - It works with the help of circuit, servo motors.

Q7 . What is the price of new gold make stabilizers?
Ans. - The price of new gold make voltage stabilizers are depends on stabilizers' capacities and requirements of clients.

Q8 . What is the benefit of using voltage stabilizers?
Ans. - It provides Constant and accurate voltage through instantaneous correction, Reduced maintenance.